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Breathe Easy Roller Oil Blend

Breathe Easy Roller Oil Blend

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Specially formulated for allergies, sinus, and congestion with premium essential oils. If you suffer from hayfever this oil blend will become your best friend. 

1 - Rosemary: Boasts mucolytic properties, which help to alleviate congestion.

2 - Lemon: An inflammatory for the respiratory system, improves immunity, and is also antibacterial.

3 - Peppermint: Opens airways and also relieves headaches resulting from stuffed sinuses.

4 - Tea Tree: A natural choice for anti-allergy and building immunity.

5 - Eucalyptus:  It can ease the inflammation in the lungs caused by allergies and make breathing easier.

6 - Lavender: A natural antihistamine, this oil is soothing and can reduce irritation and relax breathing.

Apply on neck, decolletage, clothing or pillow. Our blends are carried with fractionated coconut oil and are potent so a little goes a long way. Skin patch test first before applying directly on the skin. 

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