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Sweet Dreams Roller Oil Blend

Sweet Dreams Roller Oil Blend

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Specially formulated with premium essential oils to help you sleep, relieve anxiety, and breathe easier for a good night's rest. Simply roll onto your neck, decolletage, clothing or pillow. 

1-Roman Chamomile: Promotes sleep, anti-inflammatory, relieves anxiety, soothes sore tummies, heals wounds and soothes skin conditions.

2-Lavender: Lowers heart rate, temperature and blood pressure. Relieves anxiety and is antibacterial. 

3-Eucalyptus: Eases congestion, clears sinus and promotes relaxation for a good night's sleep. 

We use fractionated coconut oil to carry these beautiful oils and made them especially potent so a little bit goes a long way. Skin patch test first before putting directly on skin. 

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