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Vegan Watermelon Lip Scrub // 30g

Vegan Watermelon Lip Scrub // 30g

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Our lip exfoliator will buff away discolouration, restore moisture and prevent chapped flaky lips. With regular use, your lipstick will glide on evenly and your lips will appear plumper.  

Our lip scrub base is made of organic fine sugar and enriched with jojoba oil's fatty acids to repair, soothe and nourish your lips.

Use 2/3 times a week to buff away dead skin and reveal even-toned plumper lips.

1- Clean lips and pat dry.

2- Place a small amount on a fingertip and rub lips gently in a circular motion. 

3- Follow up with our vegan watermelon lip balm to nourish lips and form a protective barrier. 

4- Who will you be kissing tonight? ;)

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