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White Jade Facial Roller

White Jade Facial Roller

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Jade facial rollers have been used in Eastern cultures since ancient times, as the beauty device of choice for Chinese royalty in their never ending quest for a Fountain Of Youth. 

It is anti-aging, naturally rejuvenating, increases blood flow to the face and re-energises the skin; improving its health and overall appearance. The facial rolling method minimises fine lines and pores; reduces facial puffiness and inflammation; firms and improves skin tone. Use in conjunction with our Fountain Of Youth Facial Oil for optimum results.


Gradually work your way from one side of your face to the other slowly and gently, rolling the stone across your skin. Also feels great when used in an upward motion on the neck working from the collar bone towards the chin. 

Odyssey Storage Tip:

Store in a beauty fridge or cool place to increase all of our Jade Facial Rollers many benefits. 

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